What We Don’t Want

We do not want scholarly exegesis and critique

boekenkastzw2Though we are deeply aware that careful attention to important texts is essential in coming to an understanding of phenomenology, we are explicitly not interested in submissions that engage in lengthy textual exegeses, extended parsings of critical analyses of primary texts, or prolonged retellings of how the major figures of the phenomenological canon have explained their “method.” We are primarily interested in phenomenology as a way of seeing, as opposed to an area of philosophical scholarship. It is our conviction that the actual practice of phenomenology is an essential way of coming to understand not only the phenomena under investigation, but also the texts which inspired this new and rich way of encountering the world. Accordingly, each submission should place any scholarly apparatus into “deep background” (e.g., into footnotes and/or appendices) so that both the description and the method whereby it was generated can be discerned in sharp relief. The workshop →